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    Basil (Real World) Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Basil (Real World)? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Basil (Real World) from Omori Photograph and what is the personality traits.

    Basil (Real World)

    ISFJ (6w7)

    Basil personality type is ISFJ, so the issue of intimacy is a big deal for them. They are not very good at this, and so they typically have a very hard time discovering themselves in their relationships.

    They have a lot of difficulty with intimacy, and they are uncomfortable with this trait. For example, they are very hesitant to ask for help and advice regarding intimate matters in their life, and they usually find it hard to express themselves in this area. For this reason, they typically do not know how to talk to others around them about this type of intimacy.

    They are also extremely passive, and they do not know how to express themselves. This can also be a problem for them in their intimate relationships.

    When it comes to their emotions, they have a hard time expressing them, and this can be a problem in their relationships.

    They are also very introverted, and they do not know how to express themselves. For example, they might feel embarrassed when it comes to emotions, and they need a lot of time to understand these emotions. For this reason, they will not know how to express themselves properly in their relationships.

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