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    Norm Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Norm? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Norm from Phineas & Ferb 2007 and what is the personality traits.

    ESFJ (2w3)

    Norm personality type is ESFJ, after all.

    ESFJs are warm, considerate, and caring. They enjoy helping people, and are very loyal. ESFJs make great parents, teachers, and caretakers. They crave to give and serve others.

    ESFJs have a child-like enthusiasm for life. They are full of energy and love learning about new things. ESFJs enjoy helping people. They are the type of person that everyone wants to have around.

    ESFJs love being in charge of something, or have a lot of people depending on them. This can be a big disadvantage when they are in a position of authority. ESFJs are easily offended by criticism, and can take it personally. They don’t like being in a power position, which is why they may sometimes act in ways that seem unprofessional.

    They can be very helpful and caring, but can also be overbearing and controlling. ESFJs believe in rules, but they also want to be flexible. They want to be able to make their own rules, but they want them to be a lot more flexible than the rules that other people make.

    La La La La


    It's the way to get it done!


    It's effective and it's fun!

    If you want to make them fall

    And bend a knee at your command

    Bow their heads and swear

    That you're the leader of the land

    State your wishes in a language

    They all understand

    With weaponry, that's the plan!

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