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    Arrow of Dodona Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Arrow of Dodona? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Arrow of Dodona from Trials Of Apollo Series and what is the personality traits.

    ENTP (7w8)

    Arrow of Dodona personality type is ENTP, with some INTP aspects. While Arrow of Dodona is not atypical ENTP—he is more like an INTP on steroids, he has the extroverted extraverted (E) nature of ENTP, more than the introverted intuitive (N) nature of INTP.

    Arrow of Dodona is not the first self-described “extraverted intuitive” to enter the spotlight. A few years ago, Lisa Kleypas, an author of historical romance novels, wrote about her “extraverted intuitive” personality type in her book A Year Down Yonder. Perhaps because of her media exposure, Kleypas has earned the nickname “Ms. Extraverted Intuition.”

    While Arrow of Dodona’s ENFP nature is surprising to some, I think it makes sense given his background. His father is an ENFP, and he himself describes himself as “a little bit of an extrovert” with a “very strong extraverted intuition.” Arrow of Dodona’s YouTube channel is filled with videos in which he talks about his life, his interests in psychology and philosophy, and his artistic influences.

    The Arrow of Dodona is an arrow that Apollo found in the Grove of Dodona. The arrow has an oak shaft and green fletching. The Arrow speaks to Apollo in an Elizabethan accent and gives answers to Apollo. The answers are not prophetic, though they vary from how to make a plague arrow to giving driving directions to the Cave of Trophonius.

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