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    Tobias Budge Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Tobias Budge? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Tobias Budge from Hannibal 2013 and what is the personality traits.

    INTJ (5w4)

    Tobias Budge personality type is INTJ, a rare and complex type, and that's how I feel about this book. It is a rare and complex book that makes you think. On the one hand, it is easy to get lost in the vastness of his thoughts on religion and philosophy. It can sometimes feel like a book on religion and philosophy, yet it is so much more than that. Tobias Budge's writing is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, and he brings a world of great complexity to his writing. It is a book that is deep and thoughtful and full of good food for thought. And, while he touches on a few topics, he mostly writes about a single topic from many different angles.For brief but comprehensive reviews of the books in the series, see: [ ...more

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