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    What is the personality type of Sitron? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Sitron from Frozen Franchise and what is the personality traits.


    INFP (9w1)

    Sitron personality type is INFP, so (thankfully) I didn't have a problem with fitting in. I do not have a problem with fitting in, and I am not introverted. I am INFP. The only time I feel uncomfortable is when people make assumptions about my personality based on their experiences with other INFPs. This happens most often with people who have a lot of experience with INFPs. For example, if a "normal" introverted INFP tells me that I'm "the same as my parents", that's fine.

    But if a person has never met an introverted INFP before, then they are likely to think that I am like my parents, and that I'm just sitting around being shy and quiet. That's not true at all; I may be quiet at times, but I am anything but shy!

    You have to understand that the type is independent from the personality. It is not your personality that is the same as your parents; it is your type. For example, if you were an INTP, then you would be similar to your parents as an INTP, but you would not be a "same as your parents" type since you are not an INTP!

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