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    What is the personality type of Keith Kepler? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Keith Kepler from Spy × Family and what is the personality traits.

    Keith Kepler personality type is ISTP, but he was seen as an ISTP in his early appearances on the show, especially the first two seasons. ISTPs tend to be more serious and stoic than their cousins, the ISFP. They are generally more reserved and reserved characters, but they can also be funny and often have a dry sense of humor.

    Kepler is also one of the few characters on the show to be portrayed by a different actor in each of the three seasons.

    In "The Stinger", it is revealed that Kepler is a fan of ABBA. He has also written a song about how much he loves Veronica Mars.

    Kepler wears glasses, has a blue shirt and wears a brown coat in "The Stinger". He wears a blue shirt with a brown coat in "Who Is responsible For What?" and "Shake My Sillies Out".

    Kepler likes to drink coffee, but he hates when people call him "dude", as he considers himself too mature for that. He prefers to be called "Mr. Kepler" or "Mr. Keppel" or simply "Mr." He also dislikes the term "m'lady", as it seems like a male-gendered term.

    Keith Kepler (キース・ケプラー, Kīsu Kepurā?) is the leader of a terrorist group, consisting of isolationist college students from Berlint University, intending to assassinate Minister Brantz to start a war between Westalis and Ostania. He also registered two vans under the name, "Kevin Knowles".

    He is rather cruel, willing to use bomb dogs as part of his assassination plan, silence Anya Forger when she overhears his plans and kill other Ostanian citizens as collateral damage from his explosive trap. He is also very intelligent, able to throw together an explosive trap that would have taken Loid Forger's life without Anya Forger's intervention.

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