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    Pinky the Chihuahua Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Pinky the Chihuahua? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Pinky the Chihuahua from Phineas & Ferb 2007 and what is the personality traits.

    ISFP (4w3)

    Pinky the Chihuahua personality type is ISFP, which means that she is introverted, sensitive, and perceives the world in a holistic, non-rational way.

    I don't know that she is an ISFP dog, but she is definitely an introverted creature.

    Pinky the Chihuahua is also very sensitive to other people's moods. She can sense when her humans are upset or happy, and this can make her sad. She will often try to cheer everyone up so she doesn't feel left out.

    Pinky the Chihuahua is very affectionate with her humans, and she loves to be around them. She loves to cuddle and snuggle, and she loves to give kisses. She can be very possessive of her humans, and will only allow them to touch her if they give her hugs and kisses first.

    Pinky the Chihuahua has a tendency to bark whenever something isn't quite right – whether it be a light turn on or off, or a noise outside. This can be annoying for some people and difficult for others, so it's important to keep an eye out for this behavior.

    But you can always just ignore Pinky the Chihuahua when she is barking.

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