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    Juumonji Kaho Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Juumonji Kaho? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Juumonji Kaho from Hyouka and what is the personality traits.

    INFJ (2w1)

    Juumonji Kaho personality type is INFJ, which means she is a very loyal and caring person, who is always willing to help others. She is one of those people who is always willing to help those people who are in need of help. In the show, she is a good friend of Natsu and Lucy. She also seems to be a close friend of Erza, as she was the person who told her about her mother's death. When Mirajane was fighting with Lisanna, she stuck by Mirajane's side the whole time, cheering her up and telling her to fight for her friends. After Mirajane's fight with Lisanna, she became concerned for Mirajane due to the damage she took, which led to her asking Jellal if she could heal her. She was later seen at the guild where she introduced herself to Jellal and helped heal him along with Natsu and Wendy.

    Mirajane's first appearance was in the anime where she was introduced as the new master of the Magic guild, which was only revealed through the last episode, where she first appeared with Natsu, Lucy and Happy.

    Jellal Fernandes

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