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    Professor Moriarty Personality Type, MBTI

    What is the personality type of Professor Moriarty? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes Series and what is the personality traits.

    INTJ (5w6)

    Professor Moriarty personality type is INTJ, which, according to the system I am using, is one of the most prevalent type on the planet. I believe that this is because INTJ is the most misunderstood type, and yet is the most common type that appears in popular culture, with Sherlock Holmes being the most famous example of an INTJ character.

    INTJ is a rare type. Just 1% of the population is an INTJ. Even more rare is the combination of these types. According to the MBTI system, I am one of only 13 people on the planet who are both INTJ and ENTP (another rare combination). When I was in high school, I was often mistaken for an ENTJ. For example, one day, I walked into my English class and was greeted by a girl who said: “You must be Mr. Nelson”.

    I didn’t really know how to respond to this, as I wasn’t ENTJ at all. I turned to my friend and said: “I don’t know how to respond to that…”. He replied: “Well you’re not ENTJ, so you say nothing and just laugh”.

    Professor James Moriarty is a fictional character that first appeared in the Sherlock Holmes short story "The Final Problem" written by Arthur Conan Doyle and published under the second collection of Holmes short stories, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, late in 1893. Moriarty was also featured in the fourth and final Sherlock Holmes novel The Valley of Fear but never made direct appearance in the story. Apart from that Holmes mentions him in five other stories, namely "The Adventure of the Empty House", "The Adventure of the Norwood Builder", "The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter", "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client" and "His Last Bow". The character was introduced primarily as a narrative device to enable Doyle to kill Sherlock Holmes. Although many adaptations and pastiches give him the first name of James, the first Doyle story to feature him does not give him a first name, whereas the short story "The Adventure of the Empty House" said his first name is James.

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