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    What is the personality type of Abby? Which MBTI personality type best fits? Personality type for Abby from Turning Red 2022 and what is the personality traits.

    ESFP (8w7)

    Abby personality type is ENFP, while Holden is ESFP.

    The novel was inspired by the film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" by Steven Spielberg.

    The novel has been adapted into a single film, a two-part television miniseries, and a video game for the PlayStation 2. The film starred Henry Thomas, Drew Barrymore, Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton, Peter Coyote and Joanna Cassidy. It also featured a cameo by Richard Dreyfuss as the voice of Elliott's father.

    The story begins with the death of Elliott's father, who left him with a small fortune in his will. Elliott's mother refuses to let him sell the house where he lived with his father and attends his funeral, where she discovers that her husband's will declares Elliott an adult, despite the fact that he is still legally a minor. When Elliott goes to live with his estranged mother and stepfather, he meets his step-brother Holden, who is a year older and has been living with them since their divorce. Holden is very much like Elliott, having been raised by his father while his mother was away at university. When they meet, they both feel that they found each other's missing parts.

    Mei Lee’s friend.

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